A hidden gem in the Pocono Mountains, “The Stretch” is a place of pristine beauty with superior fishing access enjoyed by fly fishermen of all ages and abilities. The Stretch Fishing Club is owned and operated by Blue Ridge Real Estate Company and has been in operation since 1965. Currently, membership to the Stretch is full. We have an approximate 5 year waiting list.   Recommendation by a current member is required to be added to The Stretch waiting list.

The creek is stocked during the regular season with Brook, Brown, Rainbow and Tiger Trout. The average size is 13 to 15”. You will also find Native Brook and Brown Trout in the creek.

Hunting on The Stretch premises is permitted, however, the hunting and killing of antlerless deer at any time is prohibited.

Guests are welcomed at “The Stretch” for a minimal fee provided they are accompanied by a current member.

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Guest Fees:dsc04432-red-rock

Regular & Extended
Fishing Season     $45 per day
Hunting Season     $40 per day

Rules and Regulations

  • A Pennsylvania Fishing License and a Trout Stamp is required.
  • Blue Ridge fishing regulations are more stringent than the Pennsylvania Fish Commission regulations. Blue Ridge regulations always apply.
  • A sign-in box is located at the entrance of The Stretch. All members and guests are required to sign in and out each time they visit.
  • Guests are required to sign a liability release before fishing. Releases are located in the sign-in box at the entrance.
  • Only artificial flies, nymphs and streamers are permitted. Use of other lures commonly described as spinners, spoons or plugs is prohibited. No live bait.
  • Possession of any bait or lures other than flies, nymphs and streamers are prohibited while fishing “The Stretch”.
  • Fishing may be done only with conventional fly fishing tackle. No spinning rods allowed.
  • All trout taken must be at least seven (7) inches in length.
  • The daily limit is five (5) fish and must be included in the legal daily limit of all fish taken from other streams in accordance with state laws. The daily limit during the Extended Season will be three (3) trout.
  • Members are allowed to fish as many times as they wish during the same week.
  • The weekly limit is ten (10) fish.
  • Pets are strictly forbidden on “The Stretch” property, except those needed for handicap assistance.
  • An individual may fish “The Stretch” as a guest only twice during the season and must be accompanied by his sponsor. No guest are allowed Opening Day.
  • Please move to another pool after taking two (2) fish.
  • Indiscriminate wading through the pools is prohibited. Stay as close to shore as possible.
  • Entering a pool while another fisherman is in it is prohibited. Please wait until he/she is finished before entering the pool.
  • Fishing begins one half hour before sunrise. Fishing ends so members and guests are out of the water and in a parking area at sunset.
  • To keep our stocking report accurate, members and guests are required to report all fish taken each day, using forms provided in sign-in box located at the entrance gate.
  • Violation of Stretch rules and regulations may result in the revocation of your membership. Dues will not be refunded.